What Does Your Ideal Retreat Look Like?

Do you dream of a retreat from the top of a mountain? Or maybe a warm, sandy beach? Or maybe it’s a boutique resort that offers pampering galore?

Whatever your ideal retreat looks like, we want to help you make it a reality.

What is an Elixir Retreat?

Elixir Retreats partners with published authors, agents, thought leaders, and others to produce one-of-a-kind retreats that inspire and delight. We curate environments and experiences to deliver a comprehensive, immersive, and enriching retreats. We started off by organizing one-of-a-kind writing retreats, but we’ve branched out to offer other types of retreats. You can read more about us here.

What does Elixir Retreats Provide?

Elixir Writing Retreats works with co-hosts to craft every aspect of the retreat to create a unique experience. We handle all the operational aspects of your retreat, including finding a venue, developing and managing the budget, finding exciting excursions and activities, and more!

What do co-hosts do?

We rely on our co-hosts for three things:

  • To develop the concept and content of the retreat, including inviting other guest lecturers.
  • To market the retreat through their own social networks and industry channels.
  • To share in the marketing through the Elixir social networks.

In return for co-hosting, we pay you a stipend (value based on retreat attendance) as well as all your travel expenses, room & board, and other on-site expenses.

If this sounds good to you, let’s talk!

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